Sunday, 7 September 2014

Best websites for Freelancing

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Hello guys , today I got a great idea for earning money online easily .

 Most of people work as freelancers online , but the sad thing is that websites that provide these freelance services take a big Fee , for example Elance takes 10% , oDesk takes 10% , Fiverr Takes 20% ( this is not fare , is it ? )

 Today , I am gonna tell you about a webstie that takes no fee on the first month and takes only 5% fee after the first month .

 it's , is micro jobs where you can Sell a service for $3 : $100 .

 What kind of services can you sell on ? 

 You can sell any kind of services programming , designing , writing , translation , music and audio services , video and animation services , tips and advice services , lifestyle services ..etc .

 What does this mean ?

 This means that you can create a job ( gig = service ) such as : I will tell you how to earn 100$ per week for $5 . or I will design a logo for your business for $10 OR I will send more likes to your facebook page for $5 OR I will create a website for you for $5 . ..etc ( ANY KIND OF JOBS )

 You are free to create unlimeted services on

 Thank you for reading , please feel free to share this article .


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