Monday, 30 September 2013

How To Protect Registry From Viruses

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Hiii this post will guide you how to protect registry from virus but first for those who don't know what that 'registry' means read below

AnonHacking How To Protect Registry From Viruses

  • Registry: What is this??

Windows Registry is the tool which stores all such vital information about the programs and is managed by Windows Operating Sysytem. 

  • How To Access Registry??

Step 1) Press Ctrl + R

Step 2) Type " regedit" And press "Enter"

  • Why To Protect Registry???

Registry is very important program of Windows OS, the malicious softwares installed on your system tries to harm the working of system in many ways

Which majorly results in slow speed of system

  • How To Protect??

You can download " Registry Alert " to protect registry
It is free so you don't have to pay for it. When a program will try to modify settings of registry, it will prompt you with a Yes or No, if the program is trustworthy then allow it if not then choose No

Download Link:


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