Saturday, 15 June 2013

Vodafone Free Recharge Trick

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NOTE: This Trick Is Not Confirmed Working I Am Just Sharing It Because I Don't Have Vodafone SIM. So Please Try Trick And Comment.

Vodafone SIM

How the trick works:Actually the trick is based on the hole in their recharge system which bans recharge for one hour after certain no. of wrong attempts 

Based on the hole in security system of the one of the most secure company


1)Buy a normal recharge voucher

2)Dial *140*any 13 digit no# for 2 times.
3)During the 3 attempt dial *140*your recharge code and change the last digit(i.e. if it is 6 type 7)

4)You will receive the notification that your account is blocked due to too many wrong attempts for one hour. ignore it

5)Just dial *140*your 13 digit recharge recharge code#
6)You will receive a notification that try after 1 hour.ignore it 

6)Just dial *111*2*2# check your balance,your balance will be credited to your account 

7)just repeat step 5 as many times as possible in that 1 hour , you will be    credited as many times you repeat the step.

So repeat the step and earn more balance in your account it might be 100 or 1000 rs so enjoy

ENJOY .........


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