Thursday, 13 June 2013

How To Share Files In Android Phone Over WiFi

The Fast And The Easy Way To Transfer Large Files Between Android Phone And PC

Sometimes we want to transfer files from PC to Phone or Phone to PC But USB Transfer is not suitable because we need to plug in USB cable which is sometimes not available when we are on move or out in a place from home but still we can transfer files easily without wires and despite the low transfer rate of Bluetooth WiFi transfer provides average transfer rate of 2.5Mbps which means you can easily transfer big files, movies in just few minutes.

Things You Need 

1) PC With WiFi ( No Internet Connection Needed)

2) Mhotspot installed on your PC (or anyother app that makes your PC WiFi hotspot)
Click Here To See How To Make Your PC WiFi Hotspot

3) AirDroid Installed On Your Android Smartphone.


1) Make your PC WiFi hotspot and connect your to that WiFi netowrk

2) Open AirDroid app and note down the give IP address and open it in PC browser.

3) Accept the confirmation on phone.

4) Enjoy the ease of file transfer on WiFi

Note: This app gives you advantage of accessing your phone's camera, contacts, messages, media files. You can also make a call and send messages using this app.

Screenshots are given for step by step by instruction of use:mHotspot_1
Accept The Connection

AirDroid Control Panel

AirDroid File Manager

Downloading Files At Speed Of 2Mbps

Phone Information

Calling From Android Via PC


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